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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2023

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2023

Digital marketing is one of the disciplines that take the offline business to online mode for users who search for products and services online. The generic process starts with having a website hosted on a server, crawled and indexed by search engine crawlers/spiders/bots. Once indexed, Google places it on a rank or position for a keyword.

The process seems easy, but the voluminous effort involved in making the website rank is a continuous activity and teamwork. There is a probability that digital marketing agencies and their team can make common snares in online marketing strategies that affect your website ranking. Where 2022 has passed with several updates on content (Panda Update), the new year 2023 is expected to strike with relevant updates on both backlinks and content.

So, it becomes the prime responsibility to stay updated with the latest moves in the digital world. It helps to avoid online marketing mistakes during the search engine optimization process. Here’re five digital marketing mistakes that every marketer should avoid for better keyword ranking and website traffic results.

Ignoring the Power of Social Media:

If you still feel that Facebook and Instagram are just apps to communicate, like, and share personal posts; you are wrong! You must leverage the power of social media channels as they are the one that gives your brand a high reach and views. Any product or any service when advertised on social media fetch huge impressions, visits, and conversions:

  • Organic Marketing.
  • Paid Marketing.

Where organic marketing involves no budget for promotion, paid marketing on social media involves a fixed budget, setting the target audience, creating a clickable Ad, and generating leads. You need to be careful while choosing the audience as any minor fault can result in failed digital marketing campaigns. It is the best platform for generating hot leads and converting them to customers. So if you are a business, and want to have a presence on Social Media for business exposure, it’s Ranker One, the only Digital Marketing Agency that will figure out everything possible on the social platform to optimise your business.

Mobile Responsiveness and Core Web Vital Data:

Undoubtedly, the Core Web Vital data from the google developers tool is the basis of onsite changes in codes and design structure. It tells you about the current website status, its responsiveness on several devices, and suggestions to remove unwanted HTML codes and practices. The developers and SEO analysts have to collectively participate and get these data scores to 100 percent.

It is expected that Google, in the year 2023, will screw its crawlers to crawl and index only those sites that have completed the core web vital data criteria to 100%. It is because this data ensures users’ experience (satisfaction with operating a website) and affects bounce rate (The rate at which users leave the website or do not interact with the website). Any miscalculation in the score will be categorised as an ineffective form of digital marketing.

Choose Your Target Audience, Do not Target All:

Imagine you have a toy shop (Local Business) and the audience you target is searching for baby adoption centres. They do not match! Here, it is important to understand that a target audience means a group of audience or online users who are searching for a specific product or service. They are categorised as per their search needs and results. It is one of the marketing mistakes even by big companies.

If you target the wrong audience, your entire search engine optimization strategy will go wrong. So, remember choosing and targeting the right audience is the key to a successful SEO strategy/technique. If your website or app is ranking on the wrong industry-related keywords, then you need to stop and check. Any variation from the strategy will lead to the wrong optimization and choosing the wrong audience. Do not target all! Target a segment that is interested in buying your products and services.

Publishing Website without Blog:

Can you discuss your worst digital marketing failure and how did you resolve it and what did you learn? One such mistake would be publishing your website without a blog or article. Your website is a platform where users will interact and transact with your business. You are not only to market your business online through also a trusted industry leader.

Publishing valuable content with statistics, videos and trusted facts establishes you as a brand (a trusted name) in the industry. Also, it is important to be interactive through the comment section. Respond to your readers on their comments. Let it expand as a long thread where other participants can also add their views. Support your blog with a video. Insert a short video that gives details about the topic. It will have more probability to rank on the search engine.

Expecting Results from a Poor Web Design:

A website is a place where users land to know about your business and products. If the website is poorly designed with thin content and not structured with proper navigation for the users, Google
(search engine) will not consider it as user-friendly and search engine friendly. So, if you are expecting a good result from a poor landing page that cannot make the audience engage even for a minute, it is better to redesign or consider a complete web design service from a digital marketing agency.

Keep your website updated as per the Google Panda and Penguin updates. Follow all the technical SEO updates and implement them on your website for a better design that lures online users to stay on your website.

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that gives you an overall 360-degree view of what digital marketing strategies and services are; then Ranker One has a team of digital experts to help you rank on top of the search engines.

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