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How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Ranker1?

How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Ranker1?

Social media is one of the key segments of any marketing strategy. Whether you’re a digital marketing agency or any other business, having a social media marketing strategy is a must, as it can take your business to the next level. 

If you’re seeking to build a robust social media marketing strategy, but are stuck on how to create a social media strategy, then you’re at the right place. 

Ranker1, a credible digital marketing agency, has been assisting businesses for years in curating strategies that truly yield growth. Their team is adept at devising strategies and bringing more sales to your business.

Neglecting social media strategies, especially these days, can have a great negative impact on your business. Maybe you can lose your customers too and get way behind your competitors. Hence, it’s essential to tailor your social media strategies, with the best options available in the market.    

Before diving into a step-by-step guide to creating a strategy for your business, let’s first explore what social media marketing is. 

Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Understanding social media marketing is crucial before preparing any kind of strategy regarding it. It’s a medium through which businesses can promote their brands, products, and services, and drive huge traffic to their website. 

To do so, there are various social media platforms available that connect organizations directly with their target audience. Through these platforms, you can share valuable content that is tailored to engage and provide value to the brand’s ideal consumer. 

When it comes to its type, there are two comprehensive social media marketing approaches: 

  • Organic:

In the organic approach, you share content on your social media profile for free.

Social media content that is sponsored and uses advertising funds to guide viewers toward a particular objective (e.g., bringing traffic to your site, generating leads, etc.)

Social media marketing is a great way to reach a vast range of audiences at an affordable cost. Wherever your potential audience is, by utilizing this method, you can convert them into your valuable customers.

Moreover, with this approach, you can gather insights about your target consumer’s behaviors and interests, which will significantly assist you in meticulously formulating your social media strategy.  

Let’s look at some more benefits of social media marketing. 

  • Improved Brand Awareness: It’s the perfect way of increasing brand awareness. Whether you want to attract new customers in international markets or raise awareness among local shoppers, social media marketing can help.
  • Amazing Return On Investment (ROI): In this marketing approach, you need very little budget to build an audience. Most social media platforms offer free business profile creation, making it easier and more affordable to target potential customers. By just posting valuable content on these platforms with the help of a digital marketing agency, you can drive huge traffic to your website.  
  • Improved SEO: Social platforms also contribute to your SEO efforts. However, there is no direct relation between search engine ranking and social media, but there is still some connection between them. Social media also assists you in boosting your content, leading to more traffic and more engagement.
  • Better Customer Service: Social media isn’t just for posting content. Through it, you can also deliver better customer service, making your brand more valuable and trustworthy for customers. With better customer service, you can transform people’s perception of your brand. 

After knowing in depth about social media marketing and its benefits, let’s have some buzz on social media strategy. 

What Is A Social Media Strategy?

In the above-given paragraphs, we have learned a lot about social media marketing, but do you think it’ll work without a strategy? Curating a holistic strategy before doing social media marketing can be beneficial for your marketing efforts.

A social media strategy is a detailed roadmap outlining how your brand will use social media to achieve its marketing and business objectives. 

This strategy provides the right direction for your social marketing efforts, making it easier for you to achieve your desired goals. 

Details that your social media marketing strategy includes are: 

  • Your Target Audience(s)
  • Which Platforms You’ll Utilize
  • Key Metrics or KPIs
  • Content Strategy
  • Community Management Approach

A well-curated and applied strategy can take your social media efforts to the next level and help drive huge traffic to your website. Let’s finally talk about how to create a social media strategy with Ranker1. 

Social Media Marketing Tips

Curating Social Media Marketing Strategy With Ranker1

Whenever building a marketing strategy, it’s vital to build it with the best digital marketing agency. Curating it with the help of a reputable organization ensures that your efforts will not be wasted and will positively impact your business. Let’s explore how Ranker1 and its team assist you in creating a robust and holistic social media marketing strategy.

1. Set Clear, Measurable Objectives

For crafting a successful social media strategy, the first step is to clearly define what you aim to achieve. Without doing so, you can’t curate a strategy that truly works. 

Ask yourself why your brand should be on social media space and what ultimately you want to achieve through this platform. 

After getting your answers, set your brand’s larger goals in mind and think about how your objectives will relate to or align with them. 

Set clear objectives, such as Do you want to raise brand awareness? Boost traffic to your website? Generate new leads or conversions? Improve your brand’s reputation?

Whether you have one or many specific goals, you must be sure that each of them meets the following three measures: 

  • It’s measurable
  • It’s achievable
  • It’s relevant to your brand  

Ranker1, with its expertise in social media marketing, assists you in setting clear and measurable objectives. 

2. Identify Your Audience

The next big thing to determine is who your audience is on social media. Identifying your audience is crucial. Knowing who they are will help you in creating and catering content that interests and engages them.

Crafting customer personas would be great in your way of creating a social media strategy. This allows you to get to know the people you will be talking to on social media and group them together based on their interests.  

These customer personas should compile everything from where they live to their interests, how old they are, pain points, online behavior, and content preferences. 

Make sure to incorporate things like:

  • Demographics – age, job title, gender, salary, location, etc.
  • Interests – What type of content do they like the most? What kind of topics do they engage with? What are their interests and hobbies?
  • Where they spend time – Which social platform do they like the most and love to spend time on? 
  • Content consumption – Which type of content do they prefer the most: videos or text? What kind of content are they seeking on social media? Which brands or individuals are they following? 

The Ranker1 team can assist you in creating customer personas, making it easier to target potential customers. With deep analytical skills, they can draw significant insight from the targeted audience and help build a robust social media strategy.    

3. Take a look at the competition

Looking at your competitor’s social media activities should also be part of your social media strategy. This will help you identify which social media platform they are targeting the most and what kind of content they are catering to their audience. 

Perform thorough research of your competitor’s profile and try to identify what strategies they’re employing, what topics they’re targeting, and what kind of response they’re obtaining on different pieces of content.  

By doing this, you will get an idea of what content your potential audience likes or dislikes. Moreover, you can identify the gaps and opportunities on the platform that you can fill through your content and drive traffic to your website. 

4. Choose Your Platforms

Opting for the right platform is crucial for your social media marketing success. Your brand shouldn’t be on almost every social media platform, especially if you’re a pioneer in social media marketing. 

Selecting the right platform is crucial, and you should choose the platform that best matches your target audience’s activity and preferences.        

The “big four” platforms are the most obvious choices: Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, not all of these may be appropriate for your brand, and there are numerous others to consider, such as TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more.

5. Tailor Your Content Strategy  

Building a content strategy is as important as creating a social media profile. To curate your content strategy, take into account the target audience information that you compiled in earlier steps. These will provide the foundation for your strategy and the content you intend to create.

Then, consider the platforms you will be using and any trends you have noticed in terms of the most popular content formats, types, and topics.

Concerning the social platform you’re utilizing, your content might incorporate videos, memes, polls, links to blog posts, or anything else your potential audience will find valuable. 

Focus on delivering content that is informative, entertaining, as well as promotional, and ensure that the piece of content you’re catering reflects your brand’s voice and tone, delivers value to your audience, and serves your objectives. 

Ranker1 team has years of experience in crafting social media content, whether they are in the form of video, text, image, infographic, etc. They are well-versed in creating content that engages potential audiences and encourages them to take action.


Crafting a social media marketing strategy with an abreast digital marketing agency can have a great impact on your brand. Ranker1 can significantly enhance your online presence and engagement.

Ranker1 stands out as a powerful ally in navigating the complex landscape of social media, offering insights and functionalities that enable brands to make data-driven decisions, create compelling content, and foster meaningful connections with their audience.  

The journey to a successful social media presence is both art and science, and with Ranker1, businesses are better equipped to master both.        

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