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The Dark Side of Digital Marketing: Learn it from Bollywood’s Most Memorable Villains

The Dark Side of Digital Marketing: Learn it from Bollywood’s Most Memorable Villains

For decades, Bollywood movies have represented culture, ethics, and unlimited entertainment to the audience. Remember how people in the theatre were in a cheerful state when heroes defeated villains in the last through a tough fight sequence? These movies are a big entertainment along with several hidden messages in the scenes and dialogues.

Especially, when it comes to popular villains of Bollywood, you need to decode the secrets of their conversation and those famous dialogues like “Mogambo khush hua” or the killer line of Gabbar “Jo dar gaya samjho mar gaya”. They were not only meant for entertainment but their significance lies in most fields including digital marketing.


Digital marketing agency or agencies with experts can decode these popular lines said by popular Bollywood villains and can create magic with their current client strategy. From Mogambo to Gabbar, here are some popular killer lines that can teach us a lot about effective strategies and tactics for Digital Marketing.

Prem Naam Hai Mera, Prem Chopra- Continue to Strengthen the Brand

Who can forget this iconic dialogue from the movie Bobby, when the veteran actor Prem Chopra introduced himself to bobby (character name). The dialogue created history and is still remembered as the actor’s identity and personality.

When interpreted in terms of digital marketing strategies, it has a deep meaning for establishing your business as a brand and defining it as the only name popular among the consumers.

The minute you see Prem Chopra on screen, this famous dialogue hits your mind. Are your Ads creating that same impact or is it only the impressions, likes and clicks you are tracking for a better ad campaign result?. Are people recalling your brand for their needs?

If not, then you need to screen your efforts again and pay attention to CTR and CPC figures. Use remarketing and retargeting strategies to click the minds of consumers who are using your brand and at the same time introduce it to new consumers. You might get lost in the digital chaos but the correct strategy will lift your brand by good figures and prominence.

Prem Chopra with his famous dialogue from the movie bobby

Aaya Hu, Kuch to le ke Jaunga- Always Ensure to Convert a Lead Before Letting It Go

Remember the Crime Master Gogo from one of the cult comedy movies “Andaz Apna Apna”? This hilarious comedy is one of the most successful multi-starrer movies of the 90s era. The movie has great comedy content with funny lines till the climax.

However, none of the characters in the movie has explained what lead generation and conversion mean, none other than the crime master Gogo (played by Shakti Kapoor). In the digital world, the dialogue “Aaya Hu, Kuch to le ke Jaunga” clearly depicts that once the visitor visits and interacts with the landing page giving you leads, it’s the team’s duty to get it converted at any cost. Always ensure that your leads are converted which justifies the effort you made for paid ads and organic effort (search engine optimization).

Shakti Kapoor as Crime Master Gogo in the Movie Andaz apna Apna

Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe- Focus on Right Traffic

Remember that venomous fight between the Nagin (Sridevi) and the Sapera (Amrish Puri)in the movie Nagina. There’s a situation when Amrish Puri recites one of his famous dialogues aao kabhi haveli pe which become famous and used in the industry as a satirical and humorous angle.

However, when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) the dialogue refers to getting the right and relevant traffic to the website. Digital marketers should focus on top-notch strategies to fetch traffic volume to their websites. More traffic and clicks are the initial keys to a successful digital campaign through SEO or PPC (pay-per-click) techniques. So when you start working for a fresh website that has low traffic, remember this iconic dialogue and frame strategies accordingly. Avoid digital marketing mistakes that strategists usually do.

Amrish puri in the Movie Nagina with his famous dialogue

Holi kab hai, Kab Hai Holi, Kab- Identify your Right Time

Who can forget the iconic movie Sholay and the savage Gabbar with his belt banging on the rocks confirming the date of Holi? This cult movie has every dialogue popular to date. But the festive question asked by Gabbar has special significance in the preview of digital marketing.

It reveals the importance of manifesting the correct time to advertise your product and service as time is everything and Gabbar knows that especially. Campaigns created during festivals, limited-time campaigns, and special offers, are the best examples as the strategists should know how to optimize their campaign for better results during such a short time.

Iconic Villain Gabbar in the movie sholay asking the dates for holi festival

Shakal ke haath mein jitne Patte hote hai,utne hi uske aastien mein bhi hote hai- Be Resourceful and Plan in Advance

Undoubtedly, Shakal has taught us the best strategy with his dialogues. One of his famous dialogues mentioned above is a special indication of the importance of resources that can handle the entire aspects of digital marketing. This refers to the teamwork that makes digital campaigns successful.

Another deep message that the dialogue delivers is about the big-budget campaigns planned by the marketers. Digital campaigns having a huge budget should be planned in stages to avoid any type of chaos or mismanagement. Any mistake in the entire process can create havoc and failure of the campaign.

Shakaal from the Movie Shaan with the famous scene and dialogue

Overall, Bollywood villains can teach us a lot about effective digital marketing strategies. By staying memorable, creating a strong narrative, using emotion to drive engagement, staying ahead of the curve, and being authentic, brands can create a lasting impact and build strong relationships with their audience.

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